Order dung beetles

If you live in southern Australia and want to inquire about purchasing dung beetles for your cattle, horse or sheep property, please contact Greg Dalton of Creation Care:  Call: (08) 8536 3075 |  Email: info@creationcare.com.au.

DBSI no longer sells dung beetles directly. Our colleague Greg is particulalry interested in helping landholders to establish spring-active dung beetles in on-farm nurseries, and he may be able to supply winter- and summer-active beetles as well to suitable locations.

Please note, Greg cannot supply dung beetles to deal with dog dung, or beetles for warm summer-rainfall regions of Australia, such as northern New South Wales and Queensland.

We receive many inquiries and have limited staff available to respond to them. If you inquire about beetles for dog dung or for the areas indicated above, we will be unable to respond. We apologise for this. For more info see our FAQs.

For small numbers of cattle, horses or sheep, introducing dung beetles may be an overinvestment.