News: New spring-active dung beetles are coming.

Summer dung beetles are out and about now. If you want summer dung beetles and your property is in southern Australia,  please phone Bernard on 08 8339 4158 to discuss your options.

[Please note, we cannot provide dung beetles for summer-rainfall regions, such as Queensland. And we cannot supply dung beetles for dog dung (for more info see our FAQs.]

Dung Beetle Solutions International provides you with the benefits of dung beetles through sales and applied research.

Improve your bottom line with dung beetles.

Dung beetles will save you money by:

  • improving pasture productionReleasing dung beetles onto a pad
  • leading to greater carrying capacity
  • reducing fertiliser use
  • improving parasite control
  • allowing more water to be stored in subsoil
  • allowing more earthworms
  • providing free clay spreading

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