News: New spring-active dung beetles are coming.

Please note, we no longer sell dung beetles. For enquiries about dung beetles for southern Australia please contact our colleague Greg Dalton from Creation Care.

Dung Beetle Solutions International provides you with the benefits of dung beetles through applied research and advice on suitable species for your location and other circumstances.

Dung Beetle Solutions International is a partner in the national Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers project, which aims to fill in the gaps in the distribution of beetles in southern Australia by introducing new species as well as quantifying the ecosystem services and economic benefits provided by dung beetles. Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers project logo

Improve your bottom line with dung beetles.

Dung beetles will save you money by:

  • improving pasture productionReleasing dung beetles onto a pad
  • leading to greater carrying capacity
  • reducing fertiliser use
  • improving parasite control
  • allowing more water to be stored in subsoil
  • allowing more earthworms
  • providing free clay spreading

Not sure if dung beetles are suitable for your property?
Not sure if you’ve got dung beetles?

Have dung beetles but not sure what they are?
Phone dung beetle expert Dr Bernard Doube on 0448 883 043 and tell us about your property
Or email Dr Bernardo on Bernardo@dungbeetlesolutions.com.au

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